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What are a couple games u love but also bug you??

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  3. What are a couple games u love but also bug you??

User Info: NfuzedXGamer

4 years ago#1
1. Assassins Creed franchise- Yes ill admit it, i enjoy AC games, i love the stealth mixed with effective combat and AC4 is looking to shape up nicely, But every time i think about AC i think to the unnecessary (IMO) stupid modern implementation. The whole abstergo BULL is game breaking (Again IMO) I hated everything about it and i know this bothers alot of fans as well.

Why couldnt it just be a time setting game stroy based on assassins whom are related with common goals? That would be enough cuz everytime i played these games i almost quit due to the modern settings.

2. Battlefield- Single player,.....

3. Crysis 2 & 3- I enjoy the gunplay, the sort of sandbox, and of course CE3 is impressive on high end hardware, But the implemenatation of the aliens and storyline can border on corny pretty quick. Sometimes the sheer nerdiness of the sci fi gimmick is eye roll worthy for an otherwise Mature shooter,

User Info: The_Pig_Hostage

4 years ago#2
Civilization V

Damn the AI and their bloodthirsty schizophrenia. But I can't stop playing.

User Info: blade6321

4 years ago#3
Dora 2

The Russians. The games lasting 30 minutes longer than necessary.
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User Info: g_lethal

4 years ago#4
uncharted 1 - the jet ski levels, i wanna replay it but those parts kill the attempt.

uncharted 2 - the final boss was crummy

tomb raider 2013 - the weapon crafting system was stupid, they want you to find crap and build up your stuff yet at the same time your given things through story moments? why not just make it so you get weapons through the story then! oh, u busted all those crates? well lemme give you this composite bow i found that puts your attempt to shame!........NO NEW GAME PLUS! i wanna replay this so badly, but i dont want to do it from scratch
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User Info: NfuzedXGamer

4 years ago#5
another noteworthy title was Dishonored, My god how i loved the innovation with the gameplay and its mechanics, but man did it end too soon and abruptly, I cannot wait for a sequel as the DLC was excellent for this game. But the main storyline got me upset when it ended, i literally was screaming at it.

User Info: Boge

4 years ago#6
Dark Souls. I love the challenge and exploration and the combat. I really hate the gear. I wish it had a bit more Diablo to it wish boss runs and random loot drops with unique abilities. Too few games have good loot. Claymore +15 is pretty darn dull and boring. I want to have a chance to find a fine light claymore that is lighter, quicker, sharper, and maybe good against animals or something interesting. Once you've played through Dark Souls once, what is the point in going through again when you've beaten the challenge and gotten all the items?

Also, the summoning/souls/undead thing is such a dumb idea. I want to connect with a couple of friends and go through the game with them. Being forced to do this summoning thing where they can't collect anything or get credit for the boss kills is one of the stupidest ideas I've ever seen. And then being kicked out of my game after we kill a boss or someone dies? Stupid idea. And to anyone that says,"Well, it's supposed to give you a sense of being alone!" That's the stupidest comment ever because I don't have that sense when I summon people, and if I wanted that sense, I could just play the freaking game alone anyway!

I'll also add in their the past few years of basketball games. They've leaned so far over to the realism with momentum and footplanting that they've forgotten that it's a "game". Now I feel like I'm fighting the controls just to do a turn around jumper. It's like playing Mortal Kombat... Left, Right, Rotate stick, hold back + Right analog to do a fake and turn around jump shot. It's not intuitive because it doesn't flow well. It's more like playing an old Dragons Lair game where you have to guess which direction at which time to press it.
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