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I feel like Steam Early Access is a mess

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User Info: Mhunter04

4 years ago#21
TimePharaoh posted...
Mhunter04 posted...
Meh, the so-called "Early Access" that Valve enjoy using so much on Steam is just another marketing term to say; "pay early and get access to play the alpha/beta built".

....yes? That's literally exactly what it's supposed to be, that's not a secret they're trying to hide. It's a blanket term so they don't list 50 different sections for various stages of development. Then if you bought an Alpha game, at some point it upgrades to a Beta game....that would be a mess.

You said that like it was supposed to be a coy attempt to hide the's not

It's essentially a suger-coated fancy marketing jargon. It's rather a question of whatever or not on how far such term mislead the general user at large. The term "early access' is rather vague since some developers/publishers also use such term as well but not as an indication of a alpha or beta built just that you get to play the same full version earlier than the masses before the official streetdate.

User Info: YoungAdultLink

4 years ago#22
Oh well. I get to play Kerbal Space Program, I'm happy. I knew it was in beta, I knew t gets updates every few weeks, had no trouble paying for it.
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  3. I feel like Steam Early Access is a mess

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