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Did they make Spelunky HD easier on XBLA/PC?

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  3. Did they make Spelunky HD easier on XBLA/PC?

User Info: TastyKittyMMMM

4 years ago#1
I've only played the freeware version. Is the new version easier, as you'd assume most remakes would be? Someone actually mentioned this is HARDER, which would be pretty cool. Which do you think is true?

User Info: CatToy

4 years ago#2
Harder because you see substantially less of the screen at any time. Spelunky Classic increasing resolution reveals more of the field. Spelunky HD the field is scaled based on the resolution so you see the same area regardless of screen size/resolution.

As an example since you've played Spelunky Classic, the pits where you have to crawl over the edge before falling to not take damage that are common in the cave area, you can not see the bottom of them anymore.
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User Info: TimePharaoh

4 years ago#3
They didn't make the game harder, just all the mechanics (as described above) aren't the same which does make it harder.
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  3. Did they make Spelunky HD easier on XBLA/PC?

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