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GPU fan speed drops to 30% and can't be manually changed, please help!

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  3. GPU fan speed drops to 30% and can't be manually changed, please help!

User Info: redorblue88

4 years ago#1
Hi my specs are below, I've had all these components for at least a year, no problems with the GPU till now. This has happened three times in one day now then after a few restarts or a bit of time it sometimes works.

I'm using msi afterburner with a custom fan profile so I know how the fan should work. I started playing splinter cell blacklist the other day and the I could hear the fan spin up and then slow down over and over ever second or so. I checked afterburner and it showed the GPU at 80c and the fan speed had been trying to set at like 60% but always dropped back to 30% a second later.

I tried to manually apply a set fan speed of 70% and it speeds up then just drops and stays at 30% but the fan speed bar is still set to 70. Default auto profile has the same effects.

What could be the problem? Anyone experienced this before? I've tried with 320.49 drivers and 326.something beta drivers. Same results.

- i7 2600K
- GTX 670 FTW 2gb (320.49 drivers, been using for months no problems)
- 8gb ram
- win 7 pro 64-bit
- 750w corsair tx psu

User Info: reincarnator07

4 years ago#2
I had a similar problem with my MSI 7870, except the fans would be constantly at 100%. Ended up having to RMA my GPU.
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User Info: redorblue88

4 years ago#3
Hmmm I was hoping that wasn't the case. I'll try my old gpu and see if that has the same problem, if it does I can presume it's a problem with the mobo PCI-e slot rather than the gpu. If it is the GPU I'll set up an RMA with EVGA.

But do they still do GTX 670 FTW's? I've just ordered a second ftw so it'll be annoying if evga give me a different card in the return.

User Info: r0ge00

4 years ago#4
I had tons of problems with 320.49. Revert back to 314.22 and see if it's still happening.

User Info: redrum187

4 years ago#5
have you tried evga precision x instead msi afterburner?
i still haven't found what i'm looking for...

User Info: redorblue88

4 years ago#6
Yeah tried different fan programs, doesn't seem to be software related. I'll try and roll back the drivers and see if that helps.

User Info: redorblue88

4 years ago#7
Hey guys just though I'd let you know I figured out what it was. Luckily before I RMA'd it. I have a corsair H100i cpu cooler and with it I use a software called Corsair Link and it has it's own monitoring and controlling of the GPU, usually it used to sit back and let afterburner take priority but recently it apparently started overriding it.

When the gpu kept re-setting to lowest speed I ended the corsair link process and bang my GPU fan acted as normal and adheres to the set profile. Thanks for the help guys!
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  3. GPU fan speed drops to 30% and can't be manually changed, please help!

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