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Titanfall may require Origin

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User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#71
_GRIM_FANDANGO_ posted...
I think that by having such a tremendous focus on the publisher rather than developer, people are both missing out on great games, and are sometimes failing to show support for developers that deserve it. When did this happen? When became publishers so important to people, and did they decide to play a game not based on who made it or what the game was like, but who produces, and sells the game (fair enough , in reality also funds the production of the game). I think a lot of it has to do with the cost of developing these triple A titles nowadays, unless you are a company like Blizzard, there is pretty much a need for a large publisher to even get a chance to create a game like BF3. In that regard games are now more like movies. The budgets are amazing but the innovation and willingness to take a risk is nowhere to be found (spiderman 4).

I know about all the ways in which EA has messed up, and I do agree with pretty much all the critique that they get from people. Yet at the same time, DICE has given me nothing but stellar games for the past decade or so. In my opinion they are one of those developers that are always on top of their game and have the ability to push any genre they are working with forward.

They seem to innovate in so many ways, whether it is 1st person platforming in Mirror's edge, the entire concept of battlefield heroes or just generally the scale of combat and engines that they use in the battlefield franchise. Not only that, but they are one of the few developers for whom the PC is still the lead platform. Regardless of who the publisher is, that is something I want to support. I will withdraw that support the moment I feel that the publisher has been meddling in a way that means the games that are released are no longer enjoyable, or when the business model is such that I feel exploited. But in the Battlefield series and for DICE in general, this has not been the case in my opinion.

To me, the publisher will never be as important as the developer. I will always stick by a good developer, and care less about the publisher unless they do something that directly hinders my enjoyment of the games. Some people feel that releasing on origin already does this. For me personally, it does not. While inconvenient I do not find it any more annoying than games releasing exclusively on Steam. While keeping games exclusive like this is something that bothers me, it is part of nowadays industry, and not limited to EA.

While I think games should be released on different competing services, one reason why I am not opposed to the idea of using separate donwload services and application to run my games is because the main ones that we use now are all tied to a publisher. This is what brings about this kind of behavior and it puts even more control in their hands. If I were to support anything, or any of these download services based on principle, it would be one that is independent and not tied to a publisher.

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User Info: sonicteam2k1

4 years ago#72
looks like I won't be playing it then
See The Game Collection

User Info: Deimir

4 years ago#73
_GRIM_FANDANGO_ posted...

Except in this case the publisher actually does directly impact my enjoyment of the game. I tried getting into Battlefield 3 but the Origin launcher at the time refused to work on my computer. Spent a couple days looking for fixes and/or workarounds but nothing would get any of my Origin games working. Once I got my new computer a year later I tried it just for giggles and it worked fine, but I'm still pretty soured on the nonexistent level of customer support I received.

I'm really looking forward to Titanfall since I like futuristic shooters, but if it didn't require Origin I'd have preordered it by now instead of waiting for the inevitable launch issues to sort themselves out.
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