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Why aren't RPG stats ever a reasonable reflection of the character's physique?

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  3. Why aren't RPG stats ever a reasonable reflection of the character's physique?

User Info: Wygun

4 years ago#21
By the other hand, it would be extremely annoying if playing orc prevented you from starting the main quest just because orcs have too low INT to learn language and social skills.

User Info: Dawnshadow

4 years ago#22
pothocket posted...
The thing that drive me nuts the most is how a boss will deal damage that is comparable to your own but has 100 times as many hit points than you do.

I had that problem in a D&D game I ran-- it was with a MUCH larger than usual party size.

According to the rulebook, when you have a party that's larger than normal, you make the boss higher level. The problem was, when I did that the boss started one-shotting people and being highly resistant to anything that called for a save (most spells had a 5% chance of going through.) This wasn't the sort of challenge I was looking for.

Giving them a lower level boss made them kill it before it got a turn to act. This made things anticlimactic.

My solution was to calculate boss level as if they were a 4-man party, then triple or quadruple the base HP. This made boss fights long enough to be exciting, without being unfair. This is the same reason why game designers do it.

DaedalusEx posted...
At the very least male characters should be stronger than females in humanoid species.

Because all men-- every last one-- are stronger than the strongest woman, right? The Korean guy who spends every waking hour mastering Starcraft so he can win the next tournament can lift more than a professional female weightlifter?

Admittedly, men do tend to be stronger IRL, mostly because of hormones. But stats also reflect training, and sometimes magical assistance. That's where player allocation of stats come in. I would expect a female paladin who trains with heavy plate armor, sword and shield for hours every day to be stronger than the make wizard who sits inside researching new spells for hours every day.
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User Info: Godspoken

4 years ago#23
Trust me, you don't want this. Case and point: Fable TLC.
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  3. Why aren't RPG stats ever a reasonable reflection of the character's physique?

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