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Which Sims 3 expansions are worth getting?

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User Info: HaxnStash

3 years ago#1
Sorry for posting this here, the sims 3 board is dead

I currently have

Late Night

With the amazon sale, I'm thinking of getting 2 more. I'm planning on getting Ambitions but I'm not sure what the 2nd one would be. Season's and Island Paradise are great, but they're a bit expensive for my taste.

Island Paradise is probably the closest I'll get to an "Open for Business" expansion pack. And that's the only expansion I was waiting for but I guess it'll never happen.

And seasons, well, it's seasons.

For those who played them, Any thoughts on which to get? I'm more of a builder person when it comes to sims games. Don't care much about making a family or doing school stuff.

User Info: johnny_pay

3 years ago#2
as someone who has them all (not including that katy perry crap), i think the best are ambitions, world adventures although its supposedly really buggy or showtime. show time and late night go well together with the whole celebrity thing and being a singer.

User Info: happyscrub1

3 years ago#3
They all good except pets. Pets cluttery your towns with animals like crazy with no control.

User Info: CardigansFan

3 years ago#4
happyscrub1 posted...
They all good except pets. Pets cluttery your towns with animals like crazy with no control.

Pretty sure nraas or somebody else has made a mod to limit stuff like that. I know there's one that will de-clutter the game of junk and stuff that would otherwise cause the game to slow down and/or crash over time.
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User Info: Sinful_Life

3 years ago#5
Sims 4

*walks away*
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User Info: Freelance_Wolf

3 years ago#6
There really isn't a 'best' expansion since each one has different gameplay which is ultimately decided by the person buying it. I love pets so if I suggested that, you may not agree if you hate animals, for instance. What do YOU want to do in your game?

If you love careers, go with Ambitions.
Love boats and water activities? Get Island Paradise.
Love pets? Get pets.
Like werewolves and witches? Get Supernatural.

It really depends on what YOU like.

For me, I love Late Night, Seasons and Island Paradise the most. In fact, I like them all but I guess Generations (and prolly Uni Life) would be worst for me. I hated Sims 2 Uni and Generations doesn't add much if you don't have kids or teens in your 'hoods. Of course, if you have them, Generations add lots of activities for these age groups.

The only expansion I don't have is Uni Life, BTW.
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User Info: HaxnStash

3 years ago#7
Thanks everyone. I'm torn between Seasons and Island Paradise. I really liked Open for Business from Sims 2 so I'm looking for something that's close to that.

Ambitions and Island Paradise seems to meet that criteria. But at the same time, I don't want to live on the new town that Island Paradise comes with. Can I make a resort on other towns as well? Or is it only possible on the islands?

Changing seasons is always nice. But from looking at what it offers, it doesn't have anything I really want other than the season changes, especially during winter time.

When I play Sims, I tend to concentrate more on being promoted and making money to be able to purchase and build better houses for my sims. I don't really care about making a huge family. That comes 2nd when the sim I'm controlling is filthy rich.

Right now, I have Late night, Pets, and Ambitions.

User Info: bluemoogle

3 years ago#8
I thought University was the best expansion in Sims 2, haven't played the Sims 3 counterpart. Ambitions looks like it adds the best features, though. I don't like Seasons or Generations.
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User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
3 years ago#9
Sinful_Life posted...
*walks away*

nice ass!

User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
3 years ago#10
I only have Seasons and Late Night.

Seasons: Might not seem like much, but the weather and seasons really add different ambiances to the game. I recommend it.

Late Night: I enjoy the simplicity of apartment living (just like real life!), although elevators and subways are really slow. The community spots (lounges and bars) are kinda lame, sometimes you'll be alone or with one or two other guests. The celebrity aspect is neat though, as are the parties (although again they're not populated enough to feel like a party).

Really wish they would have optimized this game from the get-go, cause the core game itself is kinda flaky and the expansions don't help that.
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