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Should I get an SSD or not?

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User Info: crad99

4 years ago#1
Is it really that much of a mind blowing difference in daily computer usage?
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User Info: WyzeGye

4 years ago#2
no. don't buy one |

User Info: MasterDonGero

4 years ago#3
Depends on your bank account.
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User Info: Plasmarrow

4 years ago#4
yes buy one
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User Info: Vindication123

4 years ago#5
Fast loads, and low noise.
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User Info: steveboblarry

4 years ago#6
MasterDonGero posted...
Depends on your bank account.

This. SSD's are very good but they are pricey
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User Info: Zukkus

4 years ago#7
Only if you think a shaving off a few seconds of load time is worth a chunk of your bank account.
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User Info: Ultimate_Umbreo

4 years ago#8
If you're putting your OS on it, hell yeah.
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User Info: Mudkip57

4 years ago#9
If you got enough disposable cash for one, it's a worthwhile investment

User Info: dekou

4 years ago#10
Having one is great and not expensive, because you don't need a huge SSD for your OS. The bad side effect of having one is that you get slightly annoyed whenever you're using a "slow" PC without one.
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