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Teach me on Intel's i5 processors

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User Info: Cadeler

4 years ago#1
Upgrading PC since I fried my mobo yesterday. Looking to go Intel this time and I have some questions about it's i5 processors. First, I am not interested in overclocking. This computer is for some gaming, but mostly just casual use.

I am looking at the 4670, 4570, and 3570 and I was wondering if the 4670 is worth the extra $ from the cheaper of the two. And are the integrated graphics better than the GPU from my old computer I will use? (Radeon 5770 HD)

User Info: reincarnator07

4 years ago#2
Depending on what games you're planning on playing, it might be a better idea to get an i3. An i5 isn't really needed for casual use. That said, I'd probably go with Haswell just for the better integrated graphics (which won't be as good as a 5770) and the chance that intel sticks with the same socket.
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User Info: GreenMage7

4 years ago#3

Either one is fine.

User Info: maybecalls

4 years ago#4
Or maybe save a few more $ and get an i5-4430 + a H81 motherboard. That would be a good budget combo., which would also be good enough for gaming.

Btw, your 5770 is still much better than any IGP. The IGP may still come in useful if your graphics card fails, though, as a temporary stand-in.

User Info: Cadeler

4 years ago#5
Went with the 4670, just finish setting it up. Loving it so far, so much faster than what I had before (AMD 965).
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