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is gamersgate reliable?

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User Info: kickthegnome

4 years ago#1
saw something i wanted from it but i've never heard much about the site.

User Info: thatauthor

4 years ago#2
yeah. it's a well known site.

IIRC, I've bought stuff from there.
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User Info: kickthegnome

4 years ago#3
Ok. Second question.

Why is this like half the price of anywhere else and it's not on sale.

Yes i know it wasn't a great game and hell i wouldn't spend 60 or 40 on it but 20 was pretty much the price point i set myself to pick it up at.

User Info: thatauthor

4 years ago#4
no clue. i just know about Gamersgate. the only thing I can think of is that Capcom gave them an exclusive deal, though that doesn't really make sense.
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User Info: kingking

4 years ago#5
It's cheaper on uk site.
Even cheaper after 20% discount for some people.
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User Info: ipwnu713

4 years ago#6
Gamersgate is somewhat known for their pricing errors. Back in December, they sold a Bethesda bundle for $30, with stuff like Skyrim and Dishonored in it. Then they sold a Borderlands 4 pack for $15 (I think). And during the summer Civ V Brave New World was like $10-$15 or something.
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User Info: rareware101

4 years ago#7
Cheaper again here:

As for this one you sometimes need to activate with a Russian VPN but their instructions are clear and I can vouch for the site - instant codes and no issues with any of my purchases/activations.
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User Info: FaPaThY

4 years ago#8
GG was started by Paradox Interactive. While it's a separate company now, it's still legit. At the very least, a hell of a lot more legit than sites that sell keys you need a VPN to activate. $20 or less for that POS game doesn't surprise me.

As long as they aren't making some pricing error or something, the keys are usually instant. It took like a month to get all my keys for that $29 Bethesda bundle, but it was instant for a few other things I bought there before that.
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User Info: TowerBooks3192

4 years ago#9
Very reliable and its my other source of games other than GOG or steam itself. I love the blue coin rewards and usuallyuse it for paradox DLCs.
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User Info: Marioface5

4 years ago#10
Personally I dislike them because they often show prices as being higher than they are anywhere else, and then are able to get away with listing a game as being at a higher discount than it really is. I have bought from them before though, and everything went fine.
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