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How often do you actually use the customer support of game clients and similar?

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  3. How often do you actually use the customer support of game clients and similar?

User Info: temgun

4 years ago#1
In other threads, people keep saying how horrible the Steam support is and how good the Origin support is. So how many times have you actually had to use the support and why? I've never had any problems with any game client. No problems with logging in or buying things.

User Info: LordSeifer

4 years ago#2
^ this

User Info: cody4783

4 years ago#3
I've never used Steam's support.

Used Origin's once when NFS: Shift 2's DRM was being dumb. Spent about an hour on the live chat line, spoke to 2-3 people, and ended with them saying they, quote "Escalated the problem and I should be receiving an email with more information in a few days".

Said email never arrived.

User Info: I_I_I_I

4 years ago#4
I used EA's support one time before Origin existed because I was having trouble logging into an account.

I don't recall what the exact problem was, but it involved me being an idiot and not filling in my account information correctly.

User Info: Ch3wy

4 years ago#5
I got banned from Steam once for no reason, back when it disabled you from using your games.

I had to contact them to get unbanned, which happened after a while but they never explained it to me.
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User Info: daemon_dan

4 years ago#6
Used origin's support to try to get multiplayer for BF3 working (still doesn't). They bounced me around a bunch before getting to someone who MIGHT help. Forwarded the ports, did everything they said to do. Emailed them telling them the problem wasn't resolved. Haven't heard back from em.
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User Info: r7gerrabbit

4 years ago#7
I had to use Steam support once. It took 4 days to sort out the issue because they only do things by email/message board. Horrible support and I hope to never have to use it again.

User Info: iammaxhailme

4 years ago#8
Once my credit card payment didnt go through and I had to contact steam support. Then they said they'd contact the bank and fix it. It took like 3.5 weeks to get my account unlocked. Not sure if thats steams fault or the banks
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User Info: claytonbuckley

4 years ago#9
Never. But it's not just a Steqam or Origin thing. 99% of the time customer support is just horrible regardless of the company. Forums and google answer everything i've ever needed help with.

User Info: member1982

4 years ago#10
LordSeifer posted...
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