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Is TWD worth playing?

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User Info: Smakit

4 years ago#11
xanthan1 posted...
Scroe posted...
The only reason to play it is the story so if you don't feel like seeing what you already know unfold don't bother

Yes, because knowing a basic version of a plot totally means you can't enjoy the full story, do you even listen to yourself? By that kind logic if you know the bullet points of a book you shouldn't bother reading it.

To be fair, for some people an ending like that might be a huge thing. It is like telling someone the end of a movie. Some people don't care, and don't even mind if you sit there and explain the entire story and main parts to them, and they will love it all the same. Others like the mystery, suspense, etc. that is lost - or at least dulled - when they know what will happen.

Of course with all that being said, the story is still enjoyable and the experience of going through the game. Even if it might not have the same impact that it would otherwise if you were left in the dark, I wouldn't just write it off without another good reason.

It just comes down to if you like that kind of game or not.
~ Smakit ~


4 years ago#12
Yeah , it is worth playing if you like the adventure genre. Keep in mind though, the story differs from that in the books and tv-show.
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