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Aliens Colonial Marines is $5.00 on steam....Is it worth it?

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  3. Aliens Colonial Marines is $5.00 on steam....Is it worth it?

User Info: xKynOx

4 years ago#11
i bought it.It's not good but if you like aliens it's worth a play through

User Info: Danzorz88

4 years ago#12
Does this answer your question?
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User Info: dekou

4 years ago#13
I'd just buy Natural Selection 2 and pretend it's an Alien game.

User Info: cody4783

4 years ago#14
I bought three copies of it.

Played through the first three levels with a couple friends, on the hardest difficulty. Honestly, it could be a lot worse.

$5 isn't bad if you can get some people to play it with. Otherwise I probably wouldn't bother. Not sure what all had been fixed, but I'd hazard a guess that a lot of launch issues got some patching out; Most annoying thing I've witnessed in the game is the warping of your player when someone gets too far ahead---Other than that it's pretty much fine.

Granted, I didn't watch any of the pre-release garbage, nor play any demo if it existed. So I wasn't exactly in a position to be disappointed that it wasn't what they advertised. I went expecting bottom tier "Crap", and was surprised it was an average game.

User Info: SnipeStar

4 years ago#15
eh.. its worth 5 bucks. not much more though..
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  3. Aliens Colonial Marines is $5.00 on steam....Is it worth it?

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