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[Poll] What brand is your main monitor/display?

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User Info: claytonbuckley

4 years ago#41
Other - BenQ 24inch LED Gaming Monitor

User Info: capgamer

4 years ago#42
I've got a couple 27" viewsonic IPS displays. I get a discount through my work and I liked the first one well enough to grab another. :)
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User Info: Tyler2312

4 years ago#43
claytonbuckley posted...
Other - BenQ 24inch LED Gaming Monitor

User Info: New_Pants

4 years ago#44
Asus VG248QE.
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User Info: PepsiWithCoke

4 years ago#45

User Info: kyler45

4 years ago#46
Both are AOC, love 'em.
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User Info: codyorr

4 years ago#47
HANNSPREE 1080p HDMI TV. Oh and it's 28". I would have got a bigger one but I like to upgrade to MORE on each computer failure.

User Info: Cobra152004

4 years ago#48
A Samsung works well for me.

User Info: ein311

4 years ago#49
Dell u2711
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User Info: Dirk85UK

4 years ago#50
ein311 posted...
Dell u2711

Got the exact same monitor myself. :)
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