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What was your favo(u)rite multiplayer map in FPS history?

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User Info: gameplayer6458

4 years ago#61
Battlefront 2: Hoth. Dem AT-ATs.... and also you could steal a rebel plane and ride a tauntaun.
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User Info: biohazard1775

4 years ago#62
kill2this posted...
We should take away their metal boxes!

User Info: Cascayde

4 years ago#63
Guardian in Halo 3/ lockout in halo 2
Dome and Hardhat was pretty fun in mw3
Firing range in bo
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User Info: murderinthedark

4 years ago#64

User Info: Talks

4 years ago#65
Pyrotechnixxx posted...
Shadow Of Death from Delta Force: Black Hawk Down.

Whoa man, I came in here to post Paperwork. Didn't think anyone in a million years would post something from this game. the memories ;_; I played on the PS2, and Shadow of Death felt bigger than any map on PS2, even BF2.

User Info: UkichiTachibana

4 years ago#66

User Info: yggdrasil9

4 years ago#67
Mexican Mission in Timesplitters 2

User Info: Grooter

4 years ago#68

User Info: Ipsylos

4 years ago#69
Morpheus 3, Face Classic, Phobos 2, Absolute Zero, 1on1 Crash, Skyline, and Deck17 from Unreal Tournament 2004.

Blood Gulch from Halo.

User Info: ShaunageAU

4 years ago#70
Lockout - Halo 2
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