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What was your favo(u)rite multiplayer map in FPS history?

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  3. What was your favo(u)rite multiplayer map in FPS history?

User Info: IronOnion

4 years ago#71
Hang 'em High from Halo 1
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User Info: AnonymousLoner

4 years ago#72
De_Rats in Counterstrike. I don't know what happened to it on CS:Source.
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User Info: KOOGAR

4 years ago#73
That snow map from JAMES BOND 007: NIGHTFIRE

User Info: ShaqKhan1993

4 years ago#74
Downpour, on COD 4.

The only COD game ill play online to this day.

User Info: ein311

4 years ago#75
UT2004's Torlan
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User Info: WhereIsSelf

4 years ago#76
Deck 16 from Unreal. Though I haven't played that many FPSs. And the latest ones I played were probably Crysis 1 and CoD 4.

User Info: thebladeofwoe

4 years ago#77
WyzeGye posted...
thebladeofwoe posted...
temple in goldeneye N64.

oh the memories... *grabs a tissue for the weeping memories* golden gun mode against 4 friends was amazing.

where'd you get the 5 player N64 system?

i meant 4 including me aha. sorry a bit of a typo there. the goldeneye love from this thread is epic too.
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User Info: majorgalaxy

4 years ago#78
pitstop in halo 3
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#79
Gulf of Oman | |

User Info: AmonAmarth

4 years ago#80
jayman12311 posted...
Seawall Battery/ Würzburg Radar/ Gold Rush - Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory


I liked GoldRush, Oasis, Venice, ETBeachInvasion, and Baserace for same game (thats for pubs)
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  3. What was your favo(u)rite multiplayer map in FPS history?

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