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Is this a good laptop for gaming

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User Info: SkimGuy

4 years ago#1

For the specs/price I think it's good

User Info: cory1225

4 years ago#2
You should be able to play most games on medium to high settings .
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User Info: SkimGuy

4 years ago#3
Should I get it? Lol

User Info: GTRagnarok

4 years ago#4
Not a bad price for the specs. Just make sure you understand what you're buying. It's a very big laptop that's not very well suited for being carried around everywhere.
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User Info: Gawl9427

4 years ago#5
Pretty good for the money
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User Info: Cilym

4 years ago#6
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User Info: Wygun

4 years ago#7
Its pretty good but remember, despite its good looking specs its still a laptop. The laptop version of 7870 is actually closer to the 7750.
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