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Gaming PC Questions

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User Info: yhmusic

3 years ago#1
1.First with $1000 could I get a good gaming PC? I would also need a monitor and a keyboard, already have a mouse and headphones though.

2. With a desktop, do you have to buy speakers or does sound come out of monitor or the computer by default? I'm a laptop user for like 8 years so this is new to me.

3. When do new parts usually come out so I can get the old parts for cheaper? Is there a usual time that its best to buy? (or any big christmas/black friday sales?)

4. If I spent $1000 on pc + keyboard + monitor, when would i stop being able to run new games at medium? 3 years from now? Basically when would i NEED an upgrade?

5. I am mainly going to be gaming, producing music, and video editing. 4 cores is good for video editing I hear, but dual core is better for gaming and music. Is the difference THAT significant between an i5 and i7 if both have a high rate?

6. When putting the pc together, would i actually need tools or do i just plug that there and etc?

Thanks guys, appreciate any help. I know some of these question could sound dumb or too specified but you don't have to answer :P
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User Info: Dirk85UK

3 years ago#2
1. Yes, you could get a fairly good computer for that budget.

2. The vast majority of monitors do not have speakers. Basically you connect your headphones or speakers to the sound card or onboard sound at the back of the computer.

3. New parts always come out and the older get reduced in price, it's an endless cycle. Just buy when you have the money.

4. All depends on the components.

5. Don't think it's worth getting an i7 with your budget. But if you will be doing a lot of video editing, it might be wise to save up a bit more and get an i7.

6. You need a pair of hands and a screwdriver. Just watch videos on youtube to learn how to build a computer, the only part you can screw up on is installing the CPU/Heatsink.
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