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I'm curious if PC gamers are happy with Draven representing them

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  3. I'm curious if PC gamers are happy with Draven representing them

User Info: Fade2black001

4 years ago#41
Who the hell is Draven?
We're Americans! We don't quit just because we're wrong.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#42
Knighted Dragon posted...
People who think MOBA's have terrible communities by default are just bad players. Most of the players are actually pretty friendly as long as you are at least decent at the game. If you are the who is costing your team the victory by going 0/9/0 then yeah, pretty much everyone on both teams will be insulting you because you are ruining the game for everyone. It's not common at all to get people who are just rude for no reason, I would say maybe once every 3 games will have a single person who is just a jerk, and that's 9 people per game not counting yourself.

I love League of Legends, and I disagree. The community is terrible. At least in ranked.
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User Info: kjhovey

4 years ago#43
TimePharaoh posted...
kjhovey posted...
I don't see how you would assume he is a Nintendo fanboy.

Anyways, you apparently can't like Link without being a fanboy around here. Which is funny, considering the fact that Link is the main character in one of the most influential games in gaming history.

Know what's also funny? That "Link" isn't one character, most of the time isn't called Link, and has literally no character to him.

But fanboys gon fanboy

That's a BS argument IMO. Link has the same characteristics in every game. He always looks the same, always named Link, and always has the same basic skills.

Having a personality and what not isn't the only thing that makes a character. People can love characters simply due to the games they star in. This is a character poll, not a personality poll. If people love a series, then they will obviously love the face of said series... whether you like it or not.

But ignoramuses gon ignorant.
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