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Nominate the best RTS games for upcoming poll

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User Info: dioxxys

4 years ago#1
*no Total war games, since they are turn-based.

Bonus Question

Which Command and Conquer game do you think is the best?
I cant decide between Tiberium Wars 3 and Red Alert 2: Yuris Revenge.


Games I nominate:

-C&C Red alert 2 yuris revenge
-C&C T3
-Starcraft 2 (I'd like to try this one)
-Company of Heroes

User Info: Ch3wy

4 years ago#2
Warcraft 2
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User Info: Nicodimus

4 years ago#3
My favorites:

Command and Conquer 3
Battle For Middle Earth 2: Rise of the Witch King (unofficial 2.02 patch makes it even better)
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User Info: SinisterSlay

4 years ago#4
My favorite ever? Would be Populous the Beginning.
It's an RTS that hooked me for several years, trying different ways of winning, etc.
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User Info: dioxxys

4 years ago#5
most posted games will get priority because theres only 10 slots

User Info: Nineteen99

4 years ago#6
Anno 2070
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User Info: dioxxys

4 years ago#7

User Info: TowerBooks3192

4 years ago#8
Age of empires 2
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User Info: Spidey555

4 years ago#9
I wish Battle For Middle Earth 2 was either on Steam or Origin
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User Info: Tucker_BA

4 years ago#10
LotR: BfME 2
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