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Just got new internet...what do you think about my speed.

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User Info: Superemppu

4 years ago#41
I have a 24/1 advertised, in reality it's closer to 16/0.5. Ping is fine though, usually in the teens. 40€ for this. The upload sucks, otherwise I'm happy with it, there's not been a single downtime in years. Other than my router acting up.
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User Info: kbe2k2

4 years ago#42
30D/10U it's pretty nice besides the cap but I manage.

User Info: SavageDonzilla

4 years ago#43
Darkness3389 posted...
Post your speed people...I want t see what most people have. Don't be shy if you still use dial up lol.

Frontier FIOS. $68 a month with equipment rental.
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User Info: Skul_

4 years ago#44
ivanwind15 posted...
You'll still lag horribly. You need AT LEAST somewhere around here:

Thats only 1 millisecond better so yeah..

Anyway heres mine:
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User Info: Senkoy

4 years ago#45
Time Warner is definitely a rip off. I'm paying $60 for 15mbs, that's bs, but there's no other provider in my area.
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User Info: Darkness3389

4 years ago#46
Wow some crazy speeds that I'm seeing especially the fact that some of them are free. I can't afford what most people are getting and the only carriers in my apartment now is AT&T, Verizon and Time Warner. I plan to move into a new house soon so hopefully they have Comcast and I can take advantage of some of the 50/5 packages along with T.V. for about $59.99/month for 12 month or the $79.99 deal with the same internet speed for 2 years.
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User Info: Fyre Wielder

Fyre Wielder
4 years ago#47
$90AUD a month.

User Info: Twinqe

4 years ago#48
Zukkus posted...
I recently moved into an apartment where they give you free internet. I thought it was just some snail-pace internet that was just an added bonus to draw in people. I was wrong.

This is all I've ever wanted in life.

I used to live in the same city as you... now I want to move back....
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User Info: SkittyOnWailord

4 years ago#49

Here's mine from a year ago. It's pretty much the same now as it was then. $60 a month no contract.
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User Info: anthrax360x

4 years ago#50

Can't complain, I've never really had any issues with Comcast
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