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I played the first hour and a half of Outlast and it is outstanding -No Spoilers

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  3. I played the first hour and a half of Outlast and it is outstanding -No Spoilers

User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#1
First off, the game is like a haunted funhouse. So yes, it is possible to break the immersion, take a step back, and see that it's just a game with rules and systems. But that's not why we go to haunted houses. We go because we want to be scared. We don't think about how the creature is just some teenager in a cheap costume. We want our money's worth, we paid to be scared, dammit!

Fortunately Outlast is a VERY immersive experience so it's very easy to get drawn in. The presentation is similar to that of a AAA cross platform major release with excellent graphics and polish. Your character has full body awareness and will place his hand against the wall or door frame when close enough (similar to Mirror's Edge) as well as being able to look down and see yourself. Having that full body also comes into play when hiding because you can't crawl all over place when under a bed, for example. Ain't no room for that and as such your vision is pretty much limited to what is directly in front of you. It's like a little trick the game does: first person + constantly being aware of your own physical presence in the world = very immersive. (the game also works surprisingly well with a controller)

Your only item is a simple camcorder that, being the reporter you are, you brought with you to record whatever evidence you found. Simply using it normally doesn't drain the batteries so you have the option of constantly looking through the camera or not. It's a preference thing whether or not you want to experience the game normally or as a 'found footage' style view. Your character will only take notes on stuff he records though so the game still gives you an excuse to use it regardless.

Of course the biggest feature of the camcorder is the night vision it gives you, which does drain the battery. It adds a sense of urgency to parts of the game. "Ok, I know it's scary but I have to just go and do this...." So, in addition to looking very cool and creepy, night vision changes the pace of the game and keeps things moving along. Batteries can be found through exploration to replace dead ones and, as long as the player isn't taking their sweet time, they shouldn't completely run out (then again, not too far into the game so the game might be a huge jerk about batteries later on).

The game does use jump scares but it doesn't rely on them. They're pretty minor, rare, and serve just to spice things up rather than the game focusing on them or making a big deal about it. So for horror fans that want to be creeped the **** out, I recommend that they get Outlast and turn the lights down. You won't regret it.
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  3. I played the first hour and a half of Outlast and it is outstanding -No Spoilers

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