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I regret buying Max Payne 3.

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  3. I regret buying Max Payne 3.

User Info: CourtofOwls

4 years ago#21
me too
i got it on the 360 because it was $40 after about 2 weeks and came with the GTA stuff,boxed PC version wasn't cheaper for some reason

it's sat there unplayed for about a year because it's ****ing to disc 2 then never went back
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User Info: darkdragon_9600

4 years ago#22
I regret MP3 because I got a bug where it doesn't keep my save, I have to do it all again after I leave the game.
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User Info: SavageDonzilla

4 years ago#23
After reading this topic I'm kind of glad I haven't messed around with MP3 to get it to run yet. It kept crashing on start up so I put it on the back burner.
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  3. I regret buying Max Payne 3.

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