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Quick question regarding GPU

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User Info: mysticvegeta17

4 years ago#1
Hey so I was messing around with my video card alast night and some stuff happened. ..

So I'm playing ff14 right and while I can run the game its not as smooth as I would like in crowded areas. Fps drops to around 35-39.

Ok I used the catalyst control center and only changed the top bar which is speed I think. Took it from 900 to 960. I got no problems. So I took it to 980 and the card kept crashing and restarting over and over and over until I had to hard reset. Took the clock down to 975 same thing, took it to 970 same thing.

Now when I load the game back at 960 it crashes. What it happening and how to I go about fixing it? I've searched on google and everyone has a different answer or they play around the question.
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User Info: urtv

4 years ago#2
try to raise power target then download heaven or valley and run those as you oc your gpu

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#3
960 was never actually stable. You're just seeing it now.

Though, actually, evidence suggests that when a processor throws an error, it can actually permanently decrease stability of that processor, by a very small amount.
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