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Is the Razer Death Adder worth $49?

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User Info: NinjaGuerra

4 years ago#41
I had a deathadder and it was great for 4+ years, but I really recommend getting the mionix Naos 8200 for the comfort of it alone.

It's such a comfortable mouse.
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User Info: ZeraphLordS

4 years ago#42
wow all the mouse misconceptions got cleared up before i even got here

nice job pch

the 1:1 revolution is here
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User Info: datopgamer

4 years ago#43
You're going to get a lot of people who hate on Razer on these boards because some people have issues with their products. I for one have owned 5 different Razer products and have yet to have one fail on me.

The Deathadder is the best mouse I have tried so far, have tried the Abyssus, G500, G400 and a few other crappy logitech mice and the Deathadder is the most comfortable and the longest lasting. I bought a G500 for my laptop and after a few weeks I gave up on it because it just didn't feel right when gaming. My first deathadder is still going strong after over 3 years, not sure exactly how long I've had it and I'm too lazy to look through my Newegg orders. I now use that mouse on my laptop since I upgraded to a Deathadder 2013. So far the mouse is just as good if not a bit better. Only thing I don't like is they changed the light to green instead of blue. Easily worth $50 if you're in the market for a great mouse.

As for the Abyssus, the mouse works good but lacks side buttons. It's also too light for my taste, almost feels weightless. I originally got that mouse for my laptop but ended up using it on my computer at work instead. It's a solid entry-level mouse but if you can afford $50 go with the Deathadder, it's so much better.
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User Info: aak57

4 years ago#44
Listen to Grim. Mouse shape is unbelievably important. You can give me a G400, a "perfect" sensor mouse and I'll still do worse with it than a flawed sensor mouse like a Sensei because I'd hate the G400's shape.
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User Info: Twinqe

4 years ago#45
My Deathadder was my first gaming mouse, and it broke after around 5 months or so. I loved it until then, though.

But the g400 is better for me. I have small hands, and the Deathadder felt like it was for people with larger hands. I mean, I have freakishly small hands, so maybe that was the problem. Regardless, the g400 is super comfortable to me, and aside from the USB cord issue, it's a great mouse.
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User Info: A_Vengeful_Pie

4 years ago#46
The Death Adder is a very good mouse IMO, TC. The only problems I've had with mine are some tracking issues and the left mouse button sticks sometimes. But, mine is also 5 years old. I'd say yes, it is worth the $49.
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