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Any good gaming laptops in the $500-600 range?

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User Info: _Marka_Ragnos_

3 years ago#11
alastor15 posted...

i just got mine in the mail. Runs SaintsRow 4 on high, runs VERY quiet

It's refurbished so I guess if you trust something that is listed as refurbished.
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User Info: MaKhaos

3 years ago#12
I just got this Acer with the 8750m. At $530, it is decent. It is nice and quiet but gets quite hot near the exhaust because of its thin build. I've only played League and SC2 on it so far since I have everything else on my desktop and they run fine. Stays above 60 fps at 1366 x 768. I play them on lowest settings though even on my desktop. I run the dedicated GPU only because instead of the dual APU + GPU async crossfire. The thing I don't like is the annoying trackpad. Still can't get used to Windows 8 but I've cleaned out the Acer bloatware. Gonna stick with 8 on the laptop for now.
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  3. Any good gaming laptops in the $500-600 range?

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