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Where can I get Windows XP for a new build

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User Info: josh_bazzell

4 years ago#41
not sure why everything double posted. sorry
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User Info: d209999

4 years ago#42
matu90rk posted...
d209999 posted...
rusty12000 posted...
Golden Maven posted...
rusty12000 posted...
I would advise windows 7, as a huge XP fan, moving to 7 was a positive experience. Also stay far far.... far... FAR FAR FAR away from Windows 8, it is god awful.

lol, what a noob. probably tried Win8 for 30 seconds and got confused.

Hating Windows 8 doesn't make you a noob, If anything its the very opposite.

It proves you're a sheep.

The derogatory term 'sheep' is used for people who follow commands without giving thought about it, commands like "you should upgrade to Windows 8!".

I tried Windows 8, and OSX and plenty Unix distros and right now the one I like best is Windows 7. Same happened back when people were upgrading from XP to Vista, I'd rather wait for the version that's actually an improvement.

I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone on this board who recommends upgrading from 7 to 8. This topic is about upgrading from XP.
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