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Any Mount & Blade players here?

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User Info: NauticalDisasta

3 years ago#1
I recently bought Mount & Blade Warband. When I go to play online I see these 100 and 200 player servers and I get excited. Then I try to join and get a message about some module not being installed or something. Can anyone tell me how to deal with this? I would love to play in some of those larger servers.
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User Info: apples1671

3 years ago#2
Hit the server filter box at the top right of the screen. Check all the boxes on the left hand side.
You should be able to join all the servers you see now.

If a server has a module other than Native(which is the default module), then that server is a server for a mod(or in Napoleonic Wars' case, DLC) for multiplayer. You can go here to download mods for both single player and multiplayer:,165.0.html

If it has an [M] next to the name then it's a multiplayer mod. If it has a [S] then it's a single player mod. If it has a [B] it is has both multiplayer and singleplayer. If there is a [EX] next to the name, than that means the mod has its own forum and clicking on the name will take you to there.

The most active multiplayer modules are probably Native, Napoleonic Wars, and cRPG

In Native, if you haven't played it yet, two random factions from single player fight each other on the battlefield. You join one of the factions and pick a troop type from that faction. The troop type you pick has preset equipment but you can buy better or more equipment with gold which I think you get from hitting and attacking enemies. I'm not sure. It's been a long time since I've played Native. Gold and factions reset every map so don't worry about making any mistakes.

Napoleonic Wars is a DLC for Warband that takes place during the Napoleonic Wars(duh) and as such, has artillery,guns, driveable boats on some maps, and completely different playable troop types and factions.You can't change armor and only a few classes can choose between weapons.It's $10 on Steam and it's worth every penny, imo. I've gotten atleast 150 hours on it alone. Steam page:

The devs are trying to make their own game:
But I'm not sure how it's doing considering it hasn't even reached half its goal for donations:

cRPG is similar to Native, but you can level up and be able to choose any equipment for your character. You can buy equipment and set up your character as the mod's site:
You start out as a peasant with peasant clothes and weapons and eventually work your way upto better gear and stats. I don't recommend cRPG for beginners, since there's a LOT more equipment than in Native or Napoleonic Wars and it can feel like you are helpless at times. Get good at cRPG, though, and you'll probably be able to win against most native and napoleonic wars players.
In any module, when you teamwound or teamkill, be sure to say sorry in the chat.

Sorry if anything I've said above seems confusing or vague, I am rather tired.

Just PM me if you have any questions. I probably have about 850+ hours on Warband if you include cRPG, so I should be able to answer most or all of your questions.

User Info: SinisterSlay

3 years ago#3
I'm a player, but I hate the online so I can't help you.
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User Info: luckyrelic

3 years ago#4
not having the right module means you didnt download the right mod or the right version of said mod...

for the napoleonic servers, you need to get the napoleon wars... the rest just finding the right mod... need to go to taleworlds forums so you can get better info, as it seems gamefaq's mnb forums isnt active enough..

User Info: DerPancake

3 years ago#5
Its sad that this game is almost dead :/, last year I was able to find many servers with 150+ pop each, now I only see games with 60 pop average and rarely one server with pop above 100+.
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User Info: G1ANT_SQU1D

3 years ago#6
2000 hours and counting here.

If anyone wants to join a napoleonic wars crue, sling us a message

User Info: G1ANT_SQU1D

3 years ago#7
DerPancake posted...
Its sad that this game is almost dead :/, last year I was able to find many servers with 150+ pop each, now I only see games with 60 pop average and rarely one server with pop above 100+.

on napoleonic wars we have around 2000 players for the linebattles each week. its just that they only get on for there own linebattles, and there distributed among the entire week with most people only coming on for one or two of them

33rd host 5 battles of 200 players on one day, and usually fill enough to have to use the 5th one. and thats only on ONE day of the week.

i've been playing for three years, and its only been gaining players. it drops slightly over time untill another sale comes on. then it goes to an all time high AGAIN. i can assure you, its not losing players.

if you want to play medieval combat stuff, get the Crpg mod. native is bad, and it gets boring after a couple hours. i have around 1000 hours on the Crpg mod and i can still play it like its new

User Info: G1ANT_SQU1D

3 years ago#8
Also all my cool as hell screens:

do forgive my very VERY bad graphics in the recent ones. i have a broken PC at the moment
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