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Installing gpu driver directly with windows 8.1, glitched?

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  3. Installing gpu driver directly with windows 8.1, glitched?

User Info: jaymart_2k

3 years ago#1
Since I got Saint's Row 4 I'v had nothing but issues with the frame-rate.

I figured it was either my gpu or cpu that was failing cause from reports my specs were better then enough to run the game.

After countless tries at overclocking cpu & gpu & uninstalling/reinstalling drivers I'd given up.

I decided to look into my device manager today. Behold to my eyes it says my gpu was updated June 2013.

WTF I say. I reinstalled that dam August driver countless of times. So I instead clicked the option for comptuer to find latest driver online.

Few moments later screen blinks & driver now says updated August 2013.

Game now runs fine on ultra where before it ran as low as 15fps on low settings.

Needless to say I'll never install a windows beta ever again.
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User Info: wizardmon

3 years ago#2
Windows preview versions are just that: Previews.

You install them to see the new features, think about how you will have to adapt and then go back to your stable release OS.
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  3. Installing gpu driver directly with windows 8.1, glitched?

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