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A console gamer possibly looking to switch to PC

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User Info: ECOsvaldo

4 years ago#91
Check this build out ->
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User Info: Jimilligan

4 years ago#92
Hey TC. I was pretty much in your shoes a couple months ago. I played mainly consoles since i was a wee lad. I recently built my own PC without knowing much about them. I was on a way lower budget than you but still built a decent rig where i can play most games out now on mid to high settings.

I used this site: to become more familiar with things and they also recommend good brands.

Then i went here: and put my PC together. I researched for the most reliable and affordable brands and their performance. That site will tell you if everything is compatible.

After i got all my parts i watched: it was very detailed and i easily put my rig together. If you have any friends who are PC guys just ask for a little help. The basics are much easier than you think.

Good luck!
So say we all

User Info: DriveBy5173

4 years ago#93
ajko000 posted...
One thing to keep in mind with gaming computers, well, multiple things:

1. Make sure you find a stable Motherboard.
2. Make sure you get as much RAM as you can.
3. Make sure you get a good, if not modern or future Graphics Card.
4. Make sure you get a good Processor.
5. Make sure your Power Supply is up to par with the above.

That's pretty much it, other than that it's pretty much luxuries.

This right here is very sound advice, I recently (within the past few years) built my first PC on a tight budget and went cheap on the motherboard and PCU and I now regret that.
I bought a new PCU that I have yet to install because I am waiting until I upgrade my GPU and need the power.

Motherboard, CPU, and PSU is where I would spend the bigger bucks to start off with since everything else can be very easily upgraded as needed.

User Info: Mangorush-V

4 years ago#94
In all serious, TC. Don't even bother gaming on PC. You will like it at first and see how great it is but when you start buying more games for it, you're going to realize all the half ass console ports that's being release, or games ending up with missing contents that exists on consoles or gaming being release on console that ends up being the superior version than PC e.g. Diablo III.

Just save your money and continue gaming on console, more developers are being fed up with PC gaming lately and showing strong support on console than on PC so just stick with it and enjoy the great exclusive games that will be coming out for it.
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