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So, what PC racing games would you recommend?

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User Info: capgamer

4 years ago#11
Sonic R...

This soundtrack plays on the elevator to hell
The man keeps us down
because he likes to see us frown

User Info: claytonbuckley

4 years ago#12
I'm having alot of fun at the moment with Burnout Paradise

Ningishzida posted...
racing is a casual genre, so i steer clear

Racing games.....steer clear. I see what you did there. funny.
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User Info: DarkZV2Beta

4 years ago#13
Want that Shield!
Ball and Cup on ps mobile has framerate issues. -stargazer64

User Info: Ningishzida

4 years ago#14
DV8ingSources posted...
You know what genre requires no skill? CRPG's. Time and knowledge are all that's required in them. Racing on the other hand, requires both those AND skill.

The only casual on here is you. Even console players should feel proud to be above such a self defeated worm.


so... because I'm the foremost authority on cRPGs, that's all I must play to you? odd.

i guess i should uninstall all my "twitch" games so that my collection matches the deluded notions you entertain of me in the imaginary world in which you dwell.

and what RPG crudities do you play that don't require high degrees of intelligence?

(i'd stick my tongue back out at you in a spoiler, but my childish sense of humor is wanting since i only just awoke.)

User Info: cuteboi100

4 years ago#15
F1 2012 is very well made and very realistic. The F1 drivers in real life actually play it to familiarize themselves with tracks.
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User Info: greekgamer

4 years ago#16
if you want sim racing wait for Project CARS. looks damm amazing and it's coming out for everything and i think there working it on the need for speed sift engine.
Look at rFactor / GTR and iracing. i think iracing requires a monthy payment thou. I hope you have a steering wheel.
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User Info: Inferno700

4 years ago#17
2Dhas_a_MIGRANE posted...
Burnout Paradise.
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User Info: Lord_Xandros

4 years ago#18
Oh wow, the elitism was in here within the first post.

User Info: wizardmon

4 years ago#19
Lord_Xandros posted...
Oh wow, the elitism was in here within the first post.

If by elitism you mean, a joke involving word play that was never intended to be serious, then yeah sure that's 'elitism'.
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User Info: Boge

4 years ago#20
No game is casual or hardcore. It's how you play that game that is casual or hardcore.
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Don't trust someone who lies to you.
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