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Question about Steam

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User Info: JLA79

3 years ago#11
arleas posted...
From: KillerTruffle | #009
So you bump without any feedback on the previous two suggestions?

He was kinda vague in the first place. Vague descriptions of the problems usually result in vague answers being given.

So all we really know is, he installed steam (or so he thinks) and when he goes to look again, it magically vanished.

For all we know he was using it within something like sandboxie, under a different user account, or maybe he did a system restore and that resulted in it being removed or something.

I downloaded Steam, used it, exited it, used the internet for a while, tried to play it but couldn't find it, create this topic, look at all your suggestions but I already did all of those before creating this topic.

User Info: SirisS-G-P

3 years ago#12
Are you on the same PC, You may be using a different PC.

User Info: arleas

3 years ago#13
From: JLA79 | #011
tried to play it but couldn't find it

If you did this all without leaving the computer and all without logging out of whatever windows user account you were on, and all without doing any system restores or anything... in other words, if everything happened exactly as you described it without you leaving anything out, then the only conclusion I can come to is that the software is somewhere on your computer at this very moment.

If you did nothing special when installing steam then you'll probably find it in C:\Program Files\Steam\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\ ... If you have more than one drive it could be on D:\Program FIles\Steam\ or D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\ or whatever drive letter...

If it's not there, then you must be mistaken when you say you installed it....

Search your drives for "Steam" and find it....and if it's not there, reinstall it... if that doesn't work then I am fresh out of answers. I've never had steam refuse to reinstall for me though so I don't think there's any more to it.

From: SirisS-G-P | #012
Are you on the same PC, You may be using a different PC.

I find it difficult to believe TC would forget which PC he was on, unless he's got multiple identical computers in the same room... even then it would have taken him far less time to check all those different PC's than posting this topic, waiting a couple of days and bumping it.
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