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How is Farcry 3

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User Info: Gjain

3 years ago#1
Farcry 3 being half off on steam, was interested in it. Hows the game?

User Info: Limp_sugar

3 years ago#2
Really good and for half off its a steal.
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User Info: ElDudorino

3 years ago#3
One of my favorite games of the past year. I've played a lot of FPS games over the years but am far from an FPS fanatic- I found it to be a great, fresh take on the genre though and possibly my favorite FPS. I love the RPG elements they introduced, the bad guy is amazing, lots of trippy visuals, I like unlocking and upgrading weapons, and I think they did a pretty decent job with the stealth stuff for a FPS.

User Info: Buburibon

3 years ago#4
It's fantastic, it really is. Every time I hear someone mention it, I feel like playing it again. Backlog is huge though, so it'll have to wait.

As for you, I'd suggest you go ahead and get it! :-)
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User Info: Gjain

3 years ago#5
Bit the bullet, thx for imput.

User Info: Shub

3 years ago#6
Good shooter.
One thing if you start playing though: if you capture the enemy outposts, it'll make their areas of influence completely safe so traveling through the islands stops being much of a challenge.
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User Info: redrum187

3 years ago#7
one of the first things you will want to do is hunting so you can craft things like bigger ammo belts and pouches for syringes and holsters to carry more weapons.
i still haven't found what i'm looking for...

User Info: ElDudorino

3 years ago#8
Meh, soldiers aren't dangerous anyway.

Marauding tigers that catch you unawares even though you thought you were listening for them?! Different story.

User Info: sparayno1

3 years ago#9
Good choice. My 2012 game of the year is Far Cry 3.
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User Info: DiviDude

3 years ago#10
Pretty good game, but my god what the hell were they thinking with those boss "fights"?
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