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How many of you game on a console as well?

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User Info: Shin_Gallon

4 years ago#71
I have a PS3 and a 360, but I only play exclusives on the PS3 and I can't even remember the last time I turned the 360 on. Or the Wii.
I do play my 3DS a decent amount though when I'm out and about.

User Info: GamersTavern

4 years ago#72
Mostly the 3DS, if you're talking about modern consoles.
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User Info: DatIntelBroker

4 years ago#73
I console gamed my entire life up until recently so I still get on my PS3 from time to time. Just not nearly as much as I used to.

User Info: jrb363

4 years ago#74
I carry my PSP with me everywhere so I game on that daily. I also try to get some time in on the PS3 or 360.
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User Info: klaxender

4 years ago#75
My consoles still get a lot of use but not for gaming. The 360 is pretty much only used for Netflix and playing DVDs while the PS3 is used for blurays. When my gold subscription runs out the 360 is getting sold.

Im tossing around the idea of picking up a Wii U though. I've always wanted to play the monster hunter games plus I think my 5 year old will enjoy some games on it.
PSN/Steam ID: klaxender

User Info: Voxwik

4 years ago#76
The "regularly" part is kind of too specific. I have access to a Wii, have a PS3, and recently upgraded my computer such that I won't need another upgrade for a long time. I'm having a hard time justifying my preorder of the PS4 and may cancel it though, just due to the cost of having more machines when my backlog is already huge and growing. The PC has an outrageously large back catalog of games for pretty cheap. The fact my PC is far more powerful than the PS4 isn't at all a factor in this decision. I play for games not tech demos. Good graphics are just icing on the cake.

Devil_wings00 posted...
LegendofLink17 posted...
Actually a little surprised by the amount of yes's so far, didn't expect that

Don't know why you're surprised. Most people who can afford to buy a PC have no problem throwing out less then the cost of a video card/CPU/SSD for a console new or used.

I have a PS3 and up until fairly recently I had a 360 I sold to my sister (exclusives really didn't interest me for the machine anymore). I'm a gamer and far to many games come out only on consoles for me to arbitrarily bind myself to one machine out of some stupid asinine fanboyism and miss out some good games. If it's a third party it's always PC, because I like the best experience, but consoles offer to many exclusives to skip out on them. I don't play on them much since I bought the PC but they do get some good hours every year on exclusives.

Current consoles do not typically cost less than a video card/CPU/SSD. It's more that most gamers are just gamers and not people obsessed enough to gravitate to a single platform (and then care enough to discuss that online). There are video cards, CPUs, and SSDs that cost more of course, but those are the kind of things a small minority of PC gamers would blow money on for very little relative gain for the cost. Decent gaming PC parts haven't been that expensive for over half a decade now.

Edit: I still haven't gotten used to how the site redesign shows multipage topics.

User Info: razorracer

4 years ago#77
When I'm not gaming on my PC, I play my Xbox 360 (which is getting a lot of love next week, thanks to GTA V). When I'm out and about, though, I have my Nexus 7 or iPod Touch 5G for my mobile gaming fix, or I use a Nintendo 3DS or PS Vita for a more authentic gaming experience.
Member of the awesome PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, iOS, and Android owners club.

User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#78
LegendofLink17 posted...
Can be any console. I personally play my wii U, 360, and GameCube still, but my 3DS probably gets the most play time. Feel free to say what you play on or why you don't game on anything else

These are what I am currently using too, as well as Sega Genesis.

Although I rarely use my Xbox 360 anymore. Started playing less of X360 ever since the XOne reveal and even less after the changes. At this point, I stopped using it or using it very rarely.

I'm on my Wii U all day, every day, mostly browsing on the Internet with it (I love it!) since my laptop is slow now (and I will be getting a new PC at some point). I will be gaming on my Wii U more once my pre-ordered Wii U games are released. Ever since I got a Wii U, I bought Wii accessories and Wii games and was having a lot of fun since I didn't play much of the Wii during 7th gen.

I am a bit active on my GameCube. I've been playing both GameCube and Game Boy Color/Advance games (via Game Boy Player add-on) recently.

I am also a bit active on my 3DS but less active than my GameCube but when I need to take a dump, I always bring my 3DS with me.

And I'm a bit active on my Sega Genesis too. I recently hooked this back up and was enjoying some of my old games but I prefer playing SNES, but my SNES no longer works.
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