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Genre pronunciation. Well, I suppose it's more a business model than a genre.

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User Info: DEMONPANDA212

4 years ago#1
How do you pronounce it? - Results (32 votes)
Free 2 Play
46.88% (15 votes)
Pay 2 Win
53.13% (17 votes)
This poll is now closed.
But the way the name is bandied around, it's almost became a genre in itself, a genre of awfulness to all but a few, who've managed to find those who do it properly.

But anyway, there's a lot of people online who like to have a go at spelling, grammar, pronunciations etc...

So just wondering where you, the reader, stands on this matter?

I posted this hear mainly because other than iOS, P.C probably has the most of these. It certainly has the most played of these.
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User Info: Monkeymage

4 years ago#2
I would say that the terms are not interchangable. All P2W games are F2P, but not all F2P games are P2W.
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User Info: aak57

4 years ago#3
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User Info: jake-sf

4 years ago#4
I'm not sure what your point is. P2W games are always bad. Almost all games are P2W by my definition, anything with "pay to get something faster" is instantly pay to win to me, but those words hardly matter, because the concept of Pay to Win is hardly, if ever, the real problem with free to play games. The point is, I'm paying 5$ for some in-game thing that is logically worth a few pennies at best, or I'm spending 20 hours of my time grinding stupid points to get it for free. Suddenly it becomes excusable to sell it at 5$. **** you, it does not.

But that is ironically, one of the best F2P scenario you can see around. The worst being games that taunt you with things you'll never and also stick a gigantic price on top of it.

I don't care what you call it. There are 2 things of free to play to me, one that is absolute and complete garbage intended to rip you off your money or your life, and one that isn't, that goes free for its consumer and which basically hardly exists at all. Those would only ever sell cosmetics at best. Even League of Legends goes in the former, the kind of games I want to boycott forever since actually "buying" the game costs over 200$.

And thats ALL without even mentioning facebook-level F2P games which are absolutely, utterly disgusting.

Thats the the truth about F2P games. They're disgusting, plain and simple. Talks of P2W and whining over it generally comes from idiots who cannot stand someone somewhere else has an experience that isn't like his because they paid. Its slightly different of course when we're talking about competitive games with such concept... but in any case, P2W is the wrong thing to be whining about. Despite the fact that everything where you can spend money to get something faster IS p2w, by obvious definition, no matter how many idiots want to go claim otherwise and defend a mighty game for not being P2W. As if it freakin' mattered.

User Info: Featherwind

4 years ago#5
Free to play effectively turns the whole game into a money making scheme. "We can't offer players skins as reward for achievements, we need something to sell", "X amount of money per hour would give a satisfying sense of progression and allows the player to buy what he wants in a reasonable amount of time but then there would be no incentive to buy boosts", "We can get away with selling power as long as we don't make it too blatant" etc. I have never ever played a f2p game where the microtransactions didn't take room from less trivial content.

There is no game design related reason why you should be able to buy something with real life money vs. getting that stuff by playing the game or unlocked by default unless the game is intentionally postmodern.

In a way subscription aka pay to keep playing is this too but there is no conflict of interest as it is mostly found in MMO type games. The developers want the game to last long in order to keep the subscribers but most players of these games also want the game to persist. Only where it doesn't belong such as most arcade games it is problem.
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