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What is the lowest reviewed game that you actually enjoy?

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  3. What is the lowest reviewed game that you actually enjoy?

User Info: BlueBlooCola

4 years ago#91
Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun

PC Gamer gave it a bad review, but I like it.

User Info: yarow12

4 years ago#92
Devil Whiskey (n/a, n/a)
Cortex Command (42%, 44)
Two Worlds: Epic Edition (50%, n/a)
E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy (63.08%, 61)
Gothic 3 (63.94%, 63)
Hydrophobia Prophecy (67.33%, 64%)
Advent Rising (68.08%, 68%)
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User Info: No_Mega

4 years ago#93
The Game of Thrones RPG. Despite its limitations, it delivers a satisfying experience that gets better as it goes. Interesting lore and tactical combat (once you control 2 characters consistently). The ending of the game was outstanding. Made me very interested in the GoT universe. I'd definitely recommend it, just understand that it does not have AAA production values.

Other than that, I enjoyed the Syndicate remake. The single player, criticized for following a very linear path, sold me with its tight mechanics and atmosphere. I wouldn't say it was excellent, but still pretty good. The co-op, however, was really fun. Great missions, tons of shooting, fun cooperation mechanics. A real blast to play on higher difficulties.

User Info: Judgmenl

4 years ago#94
Tales of the Abyss. First game that came to mind.
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User Info: Ningishzida

4 years ago#95
yarow12 posted...
Gothic 3 (63.94%, 63)

good choice

this game is superior to Oblivion, and Oblivion has 94%

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User Info: Afrotastic_J

4 years ago#96
TalesOfGod posted...
Kirby Air Ride.

4 out of 10 on gamespot but I still love it and it's one of my favourite games to play with my friends ^.^


That game is a huge part of my childhood.

Heck, I'm gonna get some buds together and play it this weekend.
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User Info: iscareu13

4 years ago#97
Definitely Command and Conquer Renegade. I consider it my favorite game of all time.

On MetaCritic, it has a 75/100 and then a 7.9/10 in user reviews.

User Info: Ice_Shield

4 years ago#98
Quest 64 is so horrible yet so awesome. I remember playing it when I was younger and loving every moment of it. I recently played it and saw how horrible it was but it still had that awesome hook.

Sonic Adventure, while a lot of people hated it because it was something new, is actually one of my favorite Sonic games. It does have a horrible camera but it was actually pretty well done for a game that was well known for being only 2D going to 3D.

Everything else I played got over a 60%.
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User Info: Irsaan

4 years ago#99
I went through the worst of the worst, and even did 10+ reviews instead of 20+, and it took until Cross Edge (51.76%) before I found something that I would rate more than a few points higher. I think it deserves a 6.5/10, easy. Still not a great score, I know, but it was the first one I found.

The biggest difference I found between the score on the site and my personal opinion would have to be MAG (77.75%). It is easily my favorite shooter of all time, and I found it to be nearly flawless in my 300ish hours playing. 9.8/10.

Another one that still has a good score, but not nearly good enough, is Tales of Destiny (73.93%). One of the best RPGs on a system known for great, classic, RPGs. 9/10

Threads of Fate (76.24%) is another one that I disagree with by a wide margin. 9/10 game easily.

I could probably do this all day, so I'll quit now.

User Info: blahblahblah122

4 years ago#100
Cruisin' USA, that game was terribad. Still a lot of fun though. Rampage was also a good game, the one with the dinorsaur and the gorilla and you eat people and smash buildings.
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