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I'm about to buy a .99 cent monitor!

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User Info: Love_Me_Sexy

3 years ago#21
It's funny as I deal with the 27" and 30" HPs, well, I used to. We don't use them anymore because of DOAs and inverter failures.

I'm not the one stealth bragging about my $1200 monitor when someone is wanting to buy a cheap monitor from eBay. Nobody asked about your monitor and there was no need to bring it up other than to brag about being able to buy a POS.

Good job.

I like how the other guy calls me a name for calling out a braggart.
PS4 preordered! X1 Day 1 preordered!

User Info: xtrmpcgamer

3 years ago#22
who cares man relax, and go on newegg i just checked what the other poster said and he is right, their are many great reviews, and he stated that his monitor has been working great for two years, your a tool man.
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  3. I'm about to buy a .99 cent monitor!

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