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Buy or Build?

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User Info: dakondakblade

3 years ago#11
I built my first PC at 14 ( I'm 27 now ) so it's not as hard as you may think it is.

Research on what you are looking for ( or as people suggested; place your budgets/requirements here ) and then use to " build " the pc.

It will tell you if anything is incompatible; and people here are definitely willing to help you fine tune your build and make it the best price for value.

Additionally; if you are " worried " about building the PC, just get all the parts and either ask your bro to do it and offer to buy him a beer or dinner or something; or go to your local small computer shop and they'll build it for you for $60 or so.

When I worked at a PC repair shop some people asked if they could come in on a slower day (typically mid week) to see how it's built.

If you can get that option from your bro or the PC store owner; I'd suggest taking advantage of it.

it's easy enough to build watching videos; but it's a more engaging experience if you watch someone build it next to you. ( and they can answer any questions you have )
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