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Good speakers for PC?

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User Info: deadpigs101

4 years ago#1
So my speakers are crapping out on me, I've had them since 98 so I'm just glad they lasted this long. Looking to upgrade, probably want to spend about $100, maybe $200 if it's something real nice
Thank you in advance!
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User Info: Spacewhizguy

4 years ago#2
This board likes the Klipsch ProMedia 2.1. I personally don't like it since the ProMedias are only good if you like a nice, strong bass, and you can get better sound quality for that price. If you like bass, then the ProMedia 2.1s is a good choice to consider.

For sound quality, you can do better for that price range, like the Audioengine A2 or M-Audio AV40.
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User Info: AlleRacing

4 years ago#3
I was personally looking at a pair of these, but they seem to be out of stock pretty much every where, and $300 on eBay...

User Info: r0ge00

4 years ago#4
SP-BS22-LR (or similar) and either of the amps below.

You can add a sub later.

User Info: dry1ce

4 years ago#5

User Info: Lord_Cohliani

4 years ago#6
Corsair SP 2500s are a good option.
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User Info: LusoryPrime

4 years ago#7
M-Audio BX5 D2, Equator Audio D5, or Vanatoo Transparent One if you can stretch your budget more. If these are your main speakers you own I would splurge a bit on them. If you have a nice listening setup elsewhere then go with AV40s, some Swans, or low-end studio monitors by KRK, Tannoy, Alesiss, etc.
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User Info: thatfool12Gs

4 years ago#8
If you are looking for a 2.0 or 2.1 option, I recommend the Creative T40 Series II or the Corsair 2.1 (cant recall the model)
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