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I don't have a SSD.

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User Info: EpicKingdom_

4 years ago#1
Do I fail?
I need to get a 1TD black WD for steam games but what's with this SSD bizz ?
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User Info: HydroCannabinol

4 years ago#2
SSD makes loading a thing of the past. It's like the jump from Dial-up to DSL.
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User Info: WerdnAndreW

4 years ago#3
A ssd is not really needed but it makes Windows faster, takes it up a notch.
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User Info: WyzeGye

4 years ago#4
I forgot just how fast it made my computer. I had my ramdisk autoloading on startup, so that bogged it down pretty hard. It's very nice to be at your desktop in around 4 seconds.

9/10 times you'll be the first person to load into a map on a multiplayer game if the game is installed on the SSD.

Skyrim goes from unbearably bad load times, to hardly having time to read the flavor text.

I'd recommend 120gb as a minimum. While saying this, I have a 120GB and I want more. |

User Info: EpicKingdom_

4 years ago#5
Sounds all good to me but to confirm, they can be used for game storage & playing? I've always heard about them being used for "OS & boot up times". That said, I'll start looking into them right now. I think I would get one for the OS not only because of what I hear but my current OS is installed on some old (don't even know where I found) 70GB something.

Other than that, I have a 500GB WD for Steam & 1TB WD external. No SSD.
i5-3570k w/ 212 Evo | Z77 Extreme4 | Sapphire 7850 2GB OC Edition | 16GB of RAM | XFX PRO650w CE | 600GB WD | Fractal Design Define R4 case | 1080p.

User Info: Crimson Phantom

Crimson Phantom
4 years ago#6
I had one, it was amazing while it worked

PC loaded instantly, games loaded instantly. Problem was my windows kept failing, after 3 attempts to wipe and reinstall I sent it back, they told me it was fine, and that nothing existed to check them for failures as of then (not sure about now)

I told them, fine, you do an install on it, if it holds for a day, you can keep the drive. If not I want a refund. Six hours later the guy emails me back, ok this is one of those rare 1/10000 failures that these drives have, would you like another? I choose not to, but when my PC eventually can't handle it my next drive will for sure be a SSD
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User Info: sauruschamp1

4 years ago#7
They are very good. Get a 120gb ssd and put on it your OS and any program you use lots and 1 or 2 games that you are currently playing and then put the rest of your stuff on a HDD. Dont worry about installing uninstalling games lots on it as somewhere I read said that they are supposed to last several years even with 10gb of writing to it every day so one 20gb game every 1 month or so wont make much difference in the lifespan of the ssd.
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#8
Same as above. At least put your OS on it, makes the entire OS feel a whole lot "snappier". Kind of hard to explain, as an i7 with a fast hard drive is already "fast" and we are talking about fractions of seconds for most operations. Even with a super fast computer, everything just feels so much faster if the OS is on the SSD. With Windows 8, the screen comes up in a matter of a few seconds.

As for games, SSD has such a small capacity, that you can't really put more than 2-3 on it usually. I put League of Legends and Battlefield 3, that's about it. You can also do some weird stuff like have certain games on your Steam be moved to the SSD and use some program that redirects it. This can be handy if you sink a lot of time in to a game with long load times ( like Skyrim ) or if you play games one at a time and uninstall them. You could load the game on the SSD, pass it, and erase it.

Really the only reason to use for games is SUPER long load times or multiplayer. Nothing like being able to snag that jet on BF3...
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User Info: happyscrub1

4 years ago#9
What percentage of your PC experience is loading stuff? I think mines is like below 1%... so not worth it for me.

User Info: ThePCElitist

4 years ago#10
WerdnAndreW posted...
A ssd is not really needed but it makes Windows faster, takes it up a notch.

I can't go back to hdd ever again.
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