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Recommend some type of upgrade?

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User Info: Ryohazuki10469

3 years ago#11
Nicodimus posted...
Ryohazuki10469 posted...
MissHedgehog posted...
Ryohazuki10469 posted...
WyzeGye posted...
Go for a 250 gb ssd and a keyboard of your choice.

I'm actually think of this. I just hate how I get when I decide on buying things. >_<

Anyone else think SSD and Keyboard is good choice? Just curious.

Yes. SSD definitely, it's a very logical choice from where you stand now.
Keyboard really depends on personal preference. If you like the one that you have, you could probably just stick with it. But if you want something new, you'd have to decide if you want a mechanical one, and if so, what type of keys. I personally just got a Razer Black Widow (Cherry Blue switches) that I really love, but others might hate it. So I can't really recommend anything in that regard, you'd just have to go to a store and try some out.

Hmm yeah SSD seems like a for sure. I'm trying to decide soon so thats 164 dollars since I"m probably gonna get the Samsung 840 Evo 250GB, what else should I get if not a keyboard? What would be ideal even though i would like a replacement keyboard at some point.

Do you have an external drive that you can back up your important files and a disk image onto? If your hard drive fails, or you get a power surge, or someone steals your PC, or any other number of awful events occur, it certainly is nice to have everything saved on a USB HDD somewhere in your closet. Just an idea.

Yeah I have a full terabyte external. I can't think of anything else that would be substantial. So I might just save the extra money and get the SSD.But now you guys have me thinking of a monitor haha, although I think I'll just hold off on that until I get a 27" 1440p monitor, so I'm fine with what I have for now. Games still look great on it.
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