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How far away are we from full destructable environments?

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User Info: Broccoli92

3 years ago#61
Madmicky933 posted...
Broccoli92 posted...
Orestes417 posted...
BF4's destruction is largely scripted. You want to see real destruction go play Red Faction Guerrilla.

This. Honestly i hope Volition would use Geomod in Next Saints Row that would be crazy. Anyway there's a awesome game is coming out on PC. If you loved destruction physics check this video out! Http://

Please spend the word about it!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved the FlatOut series and I'm so glad they're back and making this game! I'll definitely be getting this as soon as it comes out!

Finally someone knows the game :) i thought i was the only one. Anyway, they are currently developing only for PC plus one of the dev said they are planning on modding support which is great news indeed and they need everyone to support them by preordering their game. I suggest anyone is interested on destruction derby type of game should check the video i linked above ;)

Please do spread the news about it! And their website has some interesting info at there :) go check it too
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User Info: Marikhen

3 years ago#62
Honestly, I think Red Faction did a better job on destructible environments than Red Faction Guerrilla did. Guerrilla had more detail to what you could destroy, mind you, but you could destroy more in the original Red Faction game. The biggest, and most obvious, limits were the indestructible walls inside the landscape used to either limit map sizes or force players to go through specific areas for story purposes.

Beyond those legitimately necessary indestructible bits virtually everything else was fair game. Hell, at one point when messing around on MP maps against bots I tunneled up and around to the top of the map and just sat up there blowing the snot out of everything through my own self-made skylight. For that matter at one point during the single player gaming I decided to see how far I could tunnel in any given direction. Ten or fifteen minutes and a few hundred rockets later I was still tunneling.

Of course another problem with Red Faction, at least IIRC, is that the later levels are less open than the earlier levels just as the later games are less open than the earlier games with regards to what you can and can't destroy.
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User Info: HaxnStash

3 years ago#63
I doubt you can have full destructable environments. Especially in a GTA game. People would go nuts and destroy every building to the point where there's no more. It would ruin the whole game especially since they can't respawn buildings. That would be just stupid and pointless. Unless it's as open world like minecraft where there are no stories, just plain old exploration. Then again, I wouldn't get the game since I'm not into that.

User Info: Broccoli92

3 years ago#64
Of course that would be boring if everything is destroyed. In RFG everytime you destroy your own base and save the game it will restore itself when you reload your game. I'm sure they have to add important stuff like shops and story stuff either unable to destroy or it will come back once you reload your game
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User Info: TakumiTokiha

3 years ago#65
jamieyello posted...
Think of how awesome gta would be if you could collapse skyscrapers with rocket launchers...

I don't–uhm–think that would be a very good idea, because–well–yeah.

User Info: Chosen_one_41

3 years ago#66
If you want to get technical, Minecraft. Every single block in the environment (save for bedrock) can be destroyed. And as stated before, BF:BC2 and Red Faction: Guerrilla both had pretty cool destructible buildings. Especially Red Faction: Guerrilla, that game was awesome.
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