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AMD vs. Nvidia

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User Info: AlexJ1991

4 years ago#41
Am I the only one thats had no problems with AMD?

Ive used both Nvidia and AMD in desktop computers and have had zero problems with them.

The only problems I can think of are with Nvidia. My Nvidia card in my laptop crashes every so often, tried many different drivers to no avail.

I upgraded my HTPC with an ATI 4650 to a GT 640 and I couldn't get the screen to 1080p without edges being cut off. The overscan options in Nvidia control panel were no help. I think AMDs CCC is much more robust than Nvidia control panel.

User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#42
AMD = finished!
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User Info: daemon_dan

4 years ago#43
Nvidia cause the ONE problem I had with it (card died) got an RMA number in a few minutes, card got here in less than a week, no worries.
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User Info: East West

East West
4 years ago#44
AMD, i had a EVGA card break on me once and driver issues for some games, same for AMD right now too. price to performance AMD is better. budget system lasting 4 years and can still play the latest games. if i would build for performance then i would go back to Nvidia. right now prices isn't worth it.
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