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BSOD when closing Chrome?

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User Info: Valkassium

3 years ago#11
phy2jsh posted...
Have you tried deleting and re-installing? Perhaps it has become corrupt somehow.

Yes I have done, and to the person above who said about drivers, mine are all up to date.
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User Info: Ningishzida

3 years ago#12
it's not Chrome.

"common app x" is never the cause for a system's frailty of hardware and/or setup, it is just triggering a condition that exposes an underlying prob

BSOD is flaky system and or setup, normally it's display drivers

uninstall display drivers, reboot in safe mode and use Driver Sweeper, reboot and reinstall drivers fresh

you can also read the BSOD in eventvwr.msc, should be listed under fatal system errors with red icon

if not, you have to goto system properties under advanced startup and recovery and Uncheck Auto restart and check write event to system log

then you should get a bugcheck code in eventvwr.msc, google it and maybe get answers

you can also debug the dmp file to fault find issue, but that require expertise.
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