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How is Kingdoms of Amalur?

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User Info: TrebleWolf

4 years ago#31
Way, way, way too easy, even on hard. This is coming from someone who never plays on hard mode outside of Mega Man games. Someone earlier said self-indulgent, and the moronic idea to lock a region's monsters and loot to when you first step foot in there is ridiculous.

The game needed a mount.

Too many spiders.

Also, you will never find more than two set pieces of an armor set. I literally found the first piece at the start of the game, and the next piece in the final area. I raged pretty hard at the sheer stupidity.

Still, I enjoyed the flashy combat a lot and spent about 58 hours messing around and experimenting. One of the few games that I streamed the entire experience, too, for a few friends (during a break). I don't regret it, but never playing it again.

User Info: Ningishzida

4 years ago#32
How is Kingdoms of Amalur?

atrociously generic, uninspired and lame

User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#33
I know the game has mode, including making the game harder.
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User Info: Pawkie07

4 years ago#34
Combat was great! Everything else wasn't.

User Info: TheWhoFan

4 years ago#35
The combat is pretty basic. You repeat the same moves over and over until the enemies are dead.

The story is turrible. "You are the chosen one, you are not tied by fate, you can do whatever you want... which is exactly what we want you to do, since there is absolutely no player choice at all in any part of the game! Kill 100 spiders, while you're at it."

The devs shamelessly claimed the player could switch archetypes by changing, mixing and matching their skills like in no other game... well, yeah, sure. You can. But your equipment is tied to your abilities, so you're pretty much SOL if you decide you want to try using magic when you've been playing a rogue for 30 levels and didn't hoard magic gear. Also, you need to pay more and more every time you respec your character. GENIUS.

Dull, lifeless and generic world that feels like a bad MMO... without the "massive", "multiplayer" and "online" aspects of an MMO. But you can kill spiders if you want!

What I'm trying to say is that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is the Game of the History of Humankind. Seriously. Best game ever. The Citizen Kane of video games.
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They don't even try anymore.

User Info: KabtheMentat

4 years ago#36
lionheart5656 posted...
There's a reason that game completely tanked.

Game didn't tank at all. Did very well actually. The problem was 38 Studios spent all their money on some dumb ass MMORPG project, and they essentially made KoA to raise funds for that MMO.

Moral of the story, MMOs are ruining the gaming world. Not consoles, not CoD, not whatever people like to blame.
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