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my deck keyboard is ****ed

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User Info: MaryJHappy

4 years ago#1
i have mechanical keyboard that I bought from deck for $180 2 years ago. it's been working great but today something horrible happened. I left my room window open before I went to school coz weather was good but soon after, there was severe rain or it seems. water got inside of my room through window and my carpet is all wet near the window area. the problem is, my computer is right next to window. I didn't notice till i turn light on but it seems my keyboard was covered in rain. my monitor, desktop, mouse seemed to be fine and working fine coz I couldn't see any trace of water on them but my deck keyboard is ****ed. I wiped rain out on surface but it's no longer working right. it powers on but none of key seemed to be working right. I unplugged it and set it upside down to dry it up but will it ever work? I remember deck mechanical keyboards are super weak against water damage. is it just ****ed up for good or is there a chance for it to work again if i let it dry it up for a day or two?

User Info: Snuckie7

4 years ago#2
Time to bust out the rice.
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User Info: DV8ingSources

4 years ago#3
Snuckie7 posted...
Time to bust out the rice.

This is your best bet. Unscrew/dismantle the board the best you can and shove it all in a large bag of rice to help absorb any moisture. Waste of a bag of rice but worth 180 dollars I think. I suppose you could reuse the rice too but not sure I would XD
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User Info: MaryJHappy

4 years ago#4

i saw this post. so i dropped it in my bathtub and linsed it. hopefully it works again from tomorrow morning.

User Info: cuteboi100

4 years ago#5
If you know that the keyboard doesn't work then it means you plugged it in to check, in which case it's probably already short-circuited. Save your rice and just buy a new keyboard.
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User Info: MaryJHappy

4 years ago#6
****... coz i didn't know it was wet till i turn on the light and my pc was on whole time. crap.
i wanna scream. my $180. ****..
if it works tomorrow morning, god bless me. if not, i am gonna complain to deck.

User Info: donbrifway

4 years ago#7
Dear Deck,

I put one of your keyboards outside during a rain storm and now it doesn't work. wth?
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User Info: wizardmon

4 years ago#8
Your doing it completely wrong. Good job just further wrecking your 180$ keyboard by putting it in a bathtub of soap water. The impure soapwater from your bathtub's head will leave a lot of mineral residue on the keyboard's circuitry which a electric current can conduct through causing a short.

Here's your fix:
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User Info: MaryJHappy

4 years ago#9
yay.. i just plugged it in and it's working again. thx god i didn't have waste $180 again on this and bag of rice. :D

User Info: strongo9

4 years ago#10
You lucky son of a b****. It got soaked in rain, you tried to use it afterwards without drying it out first, and then you washed with soap water. I wouldn't be surprised if it stops working in the next few days. Be smarter with your electronics.
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