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Is Windows 8 really that bad?

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User Info: ArsenicOverlord

3 years ago#81
Chaos_Missile posted...
I dont know: the fact that you have to type every time you want to search for a program instead of scanning through an ordered list is kinda counter-intuitive.

If it works anything like Mac OS X's Spotlight, then it's worth getting used to. Typing few letters of the program name and pressing Enter is faster than OS X's Launchpad or Window's Start Menu by a mile, especially if you have lots of programs installed.
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User Info: GamersTavern

3 years ago#82
I have no idea how bad Windows 8 is, but I'm still on Windows XP and am perfectly content.
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User Info: mindflare7000

3 years ago#83
I've had it for about a year now, and am not a fan of it. I don't think that it's a bad OS (certainly not as bad as the Internet Hate Machine has made it out to be), but I really don't think it's worth upgrading from 7 for. I dislike the new UI/Metro tiles, but that's just my opinion. Do I think it's unnecessary, and feels overly touch-screen dependent (I'm on a laptop)? Sure. Is it necessarily bad because of that? No, not really. I just don't like it, personally. YMMV.

My bigger gripe is that, if the Store doesn't work, then no apps will either. The only reason I've found this is because my Store hasn't worked since day 1, which gets a bit frustrating. I've tried complete reinstalls of the OS and nothing fixes it, but I'm fairly certain that this isn't a common problem. /shrug.
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User Info: AlleRacing

3 years ago#84
Windows 8 as a whole is far from bad, it just has (a lot) of unfortunate UI changes. I'll start with the improvements that I've liked so far. One, the boot time. Even on a HDD, 8 boots up far faster than 7 ever did, and while both will boot up faster on a SSD, 8 is still easily the faster one. Second, the Task Manager is very nice, seperating apps (I really wish they wouldn't use shorthand, not a big deal though), background processses, and windows processes, all in the same tab rather than having a tab for programs and for processes. It also shows disk and network activity for all things listed. The performance tab also shows a lot more (though it lists my CPU at 0.80 GHz for whatever reason), including disk, bluetooth, wireless and network performance. Third, they expanded the ribbon UI to explorer. I don't think any new functionality was added, but having all the options nicely categorized and easy to find is nice, and it's easy to tuck away for those who don't like it. Lastly, I like how when I have it set to cycle my wallpapers, it will cycle a different wallpaper on each monitor. Instead of having to use a third party program to do it. For the most part after that, it's pretty much the same as Windows 7.

Now on to the bad. This is mainly gripes about the start screen and metro apps in general. Terrible. All terrible. They must have had an entirely separate team work on this portion of the OS. Multitasking is terrible. Open up multiple programs and suddenly the music from the YouTube app suddenly stops playing. No apparent reason for this, but it happens. Want to cascade windows? I hope you like a 70/30 vertical split, no in between, no horizontal split if so desired. Feel like right clicking something to bring up the context menu? Well, you get a nice little context bar along the bottom of the screen, no where near where you right clicked, and it usually has only 3 options. Progress! You thought using your mouse wheel to scroll vertically was efficient? Wrong, horizontal scrolling is the way of the future. Want to change tabs in IE10? Where the f*** are those any way? Well, you have to right click the top of the screen to bring up the tab bar. Intuitive! Still think this is a desktop interface? Swipe across the screen! Tap to select options! I don't have a damn touch screen, I have a mouse, the device manager damn well knows this, so stop giving me touch screen based prompts. As a desktop environment, the metro (modern) interface was dead on arrival. It is a regression in so many ways. So, since I'm going to be spending all my time in the desktop mode, how does it work as a start menu? Well, some say good, I say bad. I don't like how opening the start screen takes over my whole screen. If I was just looking to open up a folder or some secondary application (say, sifting through mod folders, libraries, opening FRAPS, Handbrake, etc.), it takes away focus from other windows I already had open. It's not some small discreet thing I flip open to get what I want. Also, I open most of my windows (that aren't pinned) by hitting Win key and typing what I want, so I don't need my whole screen to do what a very tiny section can do just fine. There is no reason for me to use the start screen whatsoever, so why bother? Fortunately, there are plenty of options for those who don't want to deal with the start screen, like Classic Shell or Start8, and they work quite well. Last time I had to deal with metro at all is when I tried to open a file that still defaulted to a metro app.

So, I would recommend Windows 8.

chrono625 posted...
I'll disprove anything he says right now.

press windows key > begin typing whatever program you are looking for

That's it. It works the same if not quicker than the original start menu.

You could do that since Vista.

User Info: MizunoRyuu

3 years ago#85
A good way of explaining it would be, instead of going from A to B, you have to go from A to C to D to B since all the technical shortcuts are... Absent. It's unnecessarily tedious and oversimplified. It's good if you're an Apple customer and are already familiar with apps and the "user-friendly" (read: idiot friendly) interface and whatnot, but otherwise it's just terrible.
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User Info: Goldninja

3 years ago#86
Nicodimus posted...
gastaman posted...
Nicodimus posted...
Microsoft Defense Force out in full effect, I see.

Windows 8 was not made for desktops, it was made for touch screen devices, mostly because Microsoft is pushing their Surface technology like crazy to compete with Apple devices. If you want to use a mouse with Windows 8, it sucks unless you download 3 party apps to fix it. If it really allowed you to choose however you wanted to set up your programs, there wouldn't be a massive backlash against it. But guess what? It doesn't, and there is.

That's a lot of talk for someone who can't back up their claims.

I don't even need to. Google "windows 8 review" for yourself and see how many people hate it.

So, you don't mind pulling things out of your ass and looking ignorant in the process? Okay. The fact that you apparently didn't realize that the desktop is still here (and works identically to 7's) is amusing.
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User Info: Nocturne190

3 years ago#87
Nicodimus posted...
Nocturne190 posted...
I have no problem with it. I like the new start menu, as you just open it and start typing to find what you need.
But, even then, All of my constantly used programs ( Explorer, Steam, Chrome, Origin, and XBMC ) are right on my task bar, so I hardly even use the new menu. I prefer 8, and will never go back to 7. It boots faster, and has a smaller footprint.

If you have an SSD, I'd imagine they both boot extremely quickly.

I do have two SSDs. One for games, and one for Windows. It boots Windows 8 in about 9 seconds or so.
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User Info: Fdshadow

3 years ago#88
The adaptation time to go from 7 to 8 is bigger than XP to 7, lots of counter-intuitive changes that were made to favor tablet use rather than mouse and keyboard. Performance gains over 7 are mostly insignificant if you use an SSD.

My personal experience? I upgraded, realized moving to a tablet-based OS means none of that "One window on the left, one window on the right" organizing, opened Skype, realized the W8 version is full screen only. Started to fine tune everything to make it just like Win7 until I came to the conclusion reverting to 7 would be faster.

I'm looking forward to it being made for desktops, but right now? 7 is juuuuuust fine. I want an OS that functions -right now-, not after I spend hours chipping away at it to make sure it can't hurl Metro at my face whenever I dare to use it like I used 7.
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