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"problem with wireless adapter"

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User Info: kobalobasileus

3 years ago#21
r4z0rk1d posted...
i reinstalled the driver, but i still get disconnected.

It could be defective hardware. It could be that you are borderline out of range.

Edit: Oh, yeah, since it's a laptop, it might be setup to disable essential hardware, like the network adapter, to save power.

Try this:

Right click the wireless icon next to the clock.
Click "Open Network and Sharing Center."
Click "Change Adapter Settings" on the left side of the window that opens.
Right click your wireless adapter (the one you mentioned already in this thread).
Click properties.
Click the "configure" button on the window that opens.
Click the "power management" tab.
Uncheck the box that says "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
Click okay.

See if it still does it.

User Info: Ps2Twilight

3 years ago#22
MasterDonGero posted...
r4z0rk1d posted...
windows 7

Great, so you see that big, shiny, Start button in the bottom left corner? Click it, assuming you understand how the mousepad works. Don't worry, even someone like you can eventually find it one day. Then, there's this thing in the Start Menu that can look up things on your computer. It's a search field. It's next to the pretty magnifying glass. Click inside it, again, assuming you can work the mousepad, and type "Device Manager" slowly, making sure not to misspell it--I know the keys can get confusing at times. Then, "Device Manager" will be available to click, once again, assuming you know your way around a mousepad.

Once "Device Manager" appears, there will be a list of many confusing, smart people terms on the left side. One of these terms is "Network adapters." Expand it. You do this by clicking the little plus sign to the left of it. I'm assuming you understand how the mousepad works by now, since you would not have gotten this far if you didn't. But I will be glad to explain it in laymen's terms for someone like you.

Now, under "Network adapters," what is listed?

User Info: mrCube

3 years ago#23
This topic is hilarious.

Like, if the question bothers you so much that you're going to act like a condescending ass, why even bother typing out a long reply helping him in the first place? That just absolutely screams insecurity.

User Info: r4z0rk1d

3 years ago#24
I finally found a solution. thanks for the replies guys. i tried all those but still no luck. i uninstalled 'wireless console 3' and now everything works fine. I hope that doesnt mess anything up.
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