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Do you know how to program?

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User Info: Loshadt

4 years ago#1
What language(s)? And why did you want to learn it/them?
Russian is my first language, so yes there may be a spelling error or two.
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User Info: 2Dhas_a_MIGRANE

4 years ago#2
I've programmed in C++ and Matlab because I had to for my degree.
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User Info: uncle_Descartes

4 years ago#3
I've had several HTML and Javascript classes. It's my speciality.

User Info: UberLurker

4 years ago#4
Learned to script in MS-DOS back when I was a kid, it made managing various memory configs (EMS, XMS, Himem, that stuff) for gaming on 640kb much easier.

Learned C++ in college due to course requirements, never used it again.

Learned Linux shell scripting also in college but that was out of personal interest, I still use it from time to time.

Learned T-SQL at my first real job because it was either learn it or be stuck doing desktop support. This is now one of my strongest assets and I use it all day, every day.

Learned Perl, more specifically the AWK subset, at the same job to make my life easier. I had lots of log files and automated processes with text output I needed to parse, AWK made this quite easy to do so programmatically.

Learned VBA at my current job and it's cool, pretty straightforward and I can get a lot done using it. I feel pretty good about some of my creations and the calculated ROI they've provided.

Learning C# and Python right now for personal enrichment... just hard to find the time to do this while still trying to maintain card-carrying full time gamer status.

So yeah I guess I can program at various levels of competence and quality... folks who say "scripting isn't programming!" can stuff it for all I care.

User Info: Azardea

4 years ago#5
I wish. I just don't have the patience nor the intelligence to learn programming.

User Info: turbovirgin

4 years ago#6
First language I learned was TI-BASIC back in high school. I taught it to myself by fooling around on my calculator. Made a text version of blackjack.

Now I know C, C++, and Java. Im taking CS.
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User Info: freezeman

4 years ago#7
What I use frequently: C++ (by extension some C), Perl, SQL, bash/shell
I used to do: JAVA
I now a little: python

We did c++ and java for school, and while I liked java at the time, I learned to appreciate c++ so it's what I use the most now.

Perl/SQL/bash is used for my job since it's essentially a very large database company.

python was useful for doing some light scripting on the side and during an optional online course I took
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User Info: SinisterSlay

4 years ago#8
Yes I know how to program.

And in pretty much any modern language as most are very similar to each other.
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User Info: AMDZFan

4 years ago#9
Let's see...

IIRC, my first programming language was a form of Basic a very long time ago. It was in a program that was designed to teach programming fundamentals for little small games, so I don't really remember much of it. My parents got me that because I wanted to learn how to make games.

My second "programming" language was the scripting language in Starsiege: Tribes (probably called something like "C script" since the extension was .cs). Eventually I learned the Tribes 2 variant as well. I learned that because I was still interested in making games and so I modded a bit on Tribes to try out switching up rules on an already made game.

Torque (the engine of Tribes 2) came out for individuals to license, and I decided to do some tinkering with it so I learned a bit of C++, but not enough to matter. Eventually in college I truly learned C++ (or, at least a reasonable subset of the ridiculous language to qualify as having learned it).

I learned Java in high school because that was what was taught. At the end of college, they started switching to teach Java as well.

To write a website for a business I had while I was in high school, I used Javascript. It allowed me to create a pretty impressive (for the time) fully interactive computer ordering system. It took into account things like power supplies (different tiers were needed depending on whether you were just buying a basic computer vs a high speed behemoth with tons of hard drives and a power hungry video card) and case choices based on what your needs (how many hard drive bays/optical bays/etc) were, so that was fun.

To get a leg-up on people in a programming competition class, I learned C and D. D because I could use it similar to Java (garbage collection) simplifying some programs ... and for programs where you get extra credit for being faster than most of the class, I could program it like C and outpace almost everyone. Needless to say I got well more than a 100 in that class and it was a hard (but exceptionally fun, as well) class.

And after I learned a few languages, I found out that every language I learned took significantly less time than the last. So I started accelerating through various languages to get a comprehensive look on all of the various ways to program. I learned Python, LISP, Clojure (immediately after LISP, obviously), Scala, Ruby, Groovy, PHP, Nimrod, C# (it was weird opening a .cs file and not seeing Tribes script code in it), MatLab (for one class), bash, and probably a few more that I've missed.

The only thing I regret is not trying to learn all the languages sooner. That and the fact that my left eye now twitches while I program for some unknown reason.
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User Info: ein311

4 years ago#10
I programmed my TV remote the other week.

But seriously, I know some scripting and I've programmed some custom apps for employers. I don't do it for fun, though. Just not my thing.
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