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Just got my second 670 for SLI and man...

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User Info: WyzeGye

4 years ago#21
that just means that most of the time he was holding 60, i'm sure he had framedips before, and they're not happening now.

of course he's gonna get more frames on average.

TC, go ahead and get 3 monitors for a truly underwhelming upgrade. |

User Info: Chrono1205

4 years ago#22
dogwarrior posted...
it's quite underwhelming. Don't get me wrong, I got a performance boost out of it and it's cool looking at big numbers for frame rates, but it didn't make the games play any better than they already did with my single 670. LOL, I guess I should have listened to the SLI naysayers. Perhaps on a lower end gpu it may give that impression of enhancement, or on multi-monitor and higher res monitors beyond 1080. Just my thoughts though, I'd like to hear from others who've gone sli and whether you feel it was worth it.

Give it time, after a year or two it will perform better but not tell the games demand it.
Few words, many thoughts.

User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#23
What a seriously stupid post.
You can buy a $500 console and a $500 computer and have two crap machines, or you can spend $1000 building your own computer and have the best of both worlds.

User Info: phy2jsh

4 years ago#24
Must be a troll topic. "I went SLI and all it did was increase my fps! I R disappoint."
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  3. Just got my second 670 for SLI and man...

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